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Hello! Travelers 

Welcome to my travel visa blog! My name is Anagor Emmanuel the owner of Emmydaz travel blog. I’m a world traveler and a blogger. I have been exploring the world and am still exploring. This has made me spend a ton of time researching, planning and applying for visas. I have started this website with the intention of helping travelers who rely on visas processing and also travel lifestyles.

I have put together visa requirements for all the countries I have applied to so far with Nigerian passport. Not just the requirements, but also the application process, documentation, fee, processing times and every other detail that you would need to secure a visa.

In this my blog you will also get all information regarding travel Lifestyles like tourist spots, getting your nigerian and ecowas passport, travel updates and travel lifestyles

What Can I learn from Emmydaz ?

Nigeria is a third world country and a developing country. So when it comes to getting visa, the process can tend to be frustrating. Nigerians are found in every continent in the world. Nigerians love to travel for so many reasons, tourism, business, study and others .

To get your Visa Application Approval in nigeria, you will need to go through the complex, rigorous and sometimes confusing process of document collection, applications and Interview process. Sometimes travel visa changes are made that take you off guard that when you get to the visa application centre they begin to ask of documents that you dont even know of. These changes in rules and procedures of various countries are due to sudden changes in policies which can be due to sudden political shift, security or even diseases outbreak.This has been hard on travelers, students and also experienced professionals with hectic work schedules. One tiny mistake and you get turned back.

In this website my readers will get travel guide information to assist you in your visa application, provide you with updates on new travel guides policies just implemented and also advice your on visa application checklist to avoid visa application refusal. And also for previous visa application refusals, I can assist in looking at your documents and give full detailed advice on steps to take in order to get your visa application approved. I also tend to guide readers here on any travel policies that have been implemented on Nigerians.

I will also take you on a travel tips on travel lifestyle, travelling tips and also places you can visit for tourism. Sometimes we want to travel to another country but we dont even know the things to do, places to visit or even nice foods to eat. With Emmydaz, I will advice you on nice places to visit and have fun, nice foods to try and also great things to do around the world.

About Me

Hi! I’m I was born in Lagos Nigeria. I also currently work as a travel consultant and with my experience I have decided to share it here on this blog to my readers.

What’s my mission?

My mission is to travel as many countries as possible and get more travel experience as much as possible so I am able to dish it out here on this blog. I want to try solving the headache or problems faced by nigerians whenever they want to travel to any country thereby making emmydaz the first site that comes in mind to do research for any country whenever they want to travel in their Nigerian passport.

Can you travel and work for us ?

Yes, I can! If you would like to sponsor me to travel to work with you on travels, I am available to do it. You can contact me .

I encourage all travelers from the developing countries to pack your bags, get out there and explore the world. I’m here to help you, encourage you and provide you with every bit of information you need. Let’s travel the world together!

My travel Lifestyle?

emmydaz travel website
emmydaz travel

I love to experience different countries, make local friends, enjoy the culture and food and learn the language.


Have questions? Drop me a line at info.emmydaz@gmail.com or follow me on twitter for more .

Happy travels!

God bless as you read and be well informed. Amen