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Coronavirus Nigeria

First guys, I must ask, how are you coping with the lockdown due to the coronavirus in Nigeria? I advise sometimes you should take a few minutes to walk, to exercise the body. It is hurtful that the beautiful country of Nigeria has been shut down because of coronavirus. There have been reported coronavirus cases in Lagos, Kwara, Edo, Rivers Abuja. These cases have risen up since the shutdown.

In Abuja, a coronavirus case was reported. One of the passengers on the British Airways’ flight works with the FIRS and he is among those who tested positive. His wife tested negative. We are hoping that all biometric sign-in at the FIRS headquarters in Wuse Zone 5 stops with immediate effect.


President Muhammadu Buhari announced that Lagos, FCT, and Ogun to remain under lockdown till the 4th of May. New total lockdown order issued in Kano. From the 4th of May, depending on the outcome, lockdown in Lagos, FCT, and Ogun will be relaxed. Frontline workers to get hazard allowance & PPE ordered for Security operatives.


The Nigeria NCDC Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has published the fifth version of the case definition guide that offers standard criteria used to classify the clinical features used to determine to test for coronavirus.

As of today the reported coronavirus in Nigeria is more than 1000 confirmed cases and more cases are found in Lagos city.


This is a pandemic disease caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome. The disease was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China in December 2019. And it has been reported to be more on elderly people.

Kindly note that coronavirus is not airborne, it passes through contact or sneezing directly on contact. That’s why it is advised that everyone takes precautionary measures. Also, note that its different from Fever.

Corona involves more of respiratory. Studies show that people who are over 60 yrs have a higher risk of getting infected by this Coronavirus. This virus should not be taken lightly knowing it has almost shut down the world.


The symptoms are when you notice much coughing, especially hard to breathe, rising fever, kindly contact the emergency unit close to you.


The coronavirus Prevention tips are below

  • Wash your hands with soap and water always at least every 1 hour
  • You can use sanitizers with a high alcohol content
  • Avoiding close contact with sick individuals
  • Cover your nose with tissue especially when sneezing
  • Avoid close contact with people, give at least 20metres gap
  • Avoid excessive touching of the eyes and nose
  • If you have returned from a virus-infected country, kindly isolate yourself for 14days
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands; and practicing good respiratory hygiene
  • And if you notice any symptoms of coughing, especially hard to breathe, kindly contact the emergency unit close to you.

Nigeria shut down Extension

The Nigerian Government informed the general public that from Mar 23 to April 28/2020 the Nigerian International Airports are all going to shut down operations. Be aware that even domestic operations are grounded. Only emergency flights are allowed.

As of 23/April, the Nigerian government has extended the airport shut down to a further two weeks.


These measures are taken to reduce the risk of the COVID 19 (coronavirus) getting into the country. Let’s face the fact the coronavirus cases in Nigeria are mostly passengers from outside Nigeria. And this is why the Nigerian government has taken these strict measures to reduce the risk. President Buhari also said that the shut down is really having an effect as it has helped to easily identify citizens affected. The good Nigerian people are not happy with this shut down because they feel that most of the infected persons are persons that just returned from overseas affected countries and not people that have not even left the shores of the country. But the president pleaded with the people amidst the shut down so as the virus can be eradicated once and for all, the good people of Nigeria have complied with the president order.


Cases of COVID19 have been reported. There are over 20000 cases now reported in Nigeria.

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The coronavirus has really affected the world including sports .

Thanks. God bless Nigeria. keep safe.

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