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apply for uk visa in nigeria

Easy step to apply for uk visa in nigeria

See the easy guide on how to apply for UK visa in Nigeria, all you need to know about tlscontact Nigeria, Uk visa fees Nigeria, Uk embassy in Nigeria, Uk visa requirements. Please note that when you want to apply for uk visa in Nigeria, you need to have a usable email address because mails will be constantly sent to you.

How to Apply for a Uk Visa in Nigeria

We will be showing you step by step guide on how to apply for UK visa in Nigeria, how much is UK visa fee in Nigeria, Uk visa requirements, Uk embassy in Nigeria, how long Uk visa takes and Uk visa renewal and tlscontact.

First of all, there are different classes of UK visa application in Nigeria in order to apply for uk visa in Nigeria, so you start by choosing the Uk visa class applicable to you, some of the classes are work visas, student visas, visitors visa and so on. We will be working on bringing you step by step process for each class of Uk visa application in Nigeria. In order to apply for uk visa in Nigeria, the earliest date you can apply for a Uk visa application in Nigeria is 3months to the travel date. Then you have to attend your appointment for submission, the Uk visa application in nigeria is submitted at the tlscontact office. After which you await the return of your passport.

If you follow these steps below you won’t get to the submission center and be blown away by incomplete documentation. It is very frustrating when the visa officers are requesting for some particular documents and you don’t have them with you and you are asked to go back. Also, note that the UK embassy in Nigeria do not collect at first-hand UK visa applications in Nigeria, the UK embassy has an agent that does this for them called Tlscontact. Tlscontact Nigeria acts as the agent that interface with the Uk visa applicants. You can read more on the tlscontact Nigeria below. So not that in order to apply for UK visa in Nigeria, you don’t go straight to the UK embassy in Nigeria, you apply through third-party tlscontact Nigeria.

The United Kingdom is a fun and beautiful place to visit and many nigerians visit the united kingdom for vacation. Kindly see the steps for the Uk visa application standard visitor in Nigeria below. But from time to time we will keep updating you on other classes of visa and notify you if there’s any change in Policy.

Types of uk visa application

The Uk visa application in Nigeria is two types of visas. One is a long stay are visas on Family reunion visa, Student, Work visa. While Uk Short-stay visa types are Business visa, Medical visa, Tourist visa, Transit visa, and visiting family and friends visa. These are the visa classes to choose from in order for you to apply for uk visa in Nigeria.

How to apply for Uk visa application Nigeria

Kindly see steps to apply for uk visa in nigeria.

How to fill uk visa application form online

Step 1a) Get your international nigeria passport .

You can see visa free countries for nigerians in Europe, North America, and Asia. Check your passport and ensure that it is 6months validity. When you want to apply for uk visa in Nigeria, it is required that your passport has at least 6 months Validity, this is a directive from the UK embassy in Nigeria.

Step 1b) Visit the Uk visa website to fill your visa application form, with a registered email address. You must ensure that this email address you used is the email address you want to also use to be getting information from the Uk hub whenever your visa is ready for pick up.

Step 2

How much is uk visa fee in nigeria

After you have finished filling the form, please don’t log out yet, you will be redirected to where you will make payment for the number of years you want. Kindly see the UK visa fee in Nigeria. You will have to pay online. Ensure you have an active card with you to make payment. Kindly check with your bank on this.


Step 3

There is a challenge here because not all cards are accepted. Input your card details and make payment. Please don’t refresh while the page is still loading, this is for the page not to charge you twice. After making payment please don’t log out, the site will take you to a confirmation page after your payment has been processed.

Step 4

Here print out the Uk visa application form and Uk visa fee confirmation pages too. Now you can then proceed to book an appointment. Please don’t still log out of the site.

Step 5

You will then be transferred to the tlscontact site(Teleperformance contact service). Be careful when you are here because any selection cant be changed. Select the location you want to submit your application.

Step 6

Proceed to pick your cart, you get to choose from a variety of services you want to be rendered to you by tlscontact center, either priority, premium service, keep my passport, and so on. Each service comes with its own tlscontact center fee.

Step 7

After making your choice if your interested or not, move to pick an appointment date and time. Here if you choose to upload your documents yourself its called self-service (it’s free) but you will still have to book an appointment for submission. But if you choose to allow them to scan it for you, you will pay an extra fee. Kindly see fees charged by tlscontact below in order for you to apply for a uk visa in Nigeria.

Step 8

Then proceed to make payment for your UK standard visitor visa application.

Step 9

Kindly check the email you used to register. A receipt will be sent to you as a confirmation of your appointment booked. Print them. Please remember that when you want to apply for Uk visa in Nigeria, you need to have a usable email address because mails will be constantly sent to you.

Step 10

Make copies of all stamp pages of your passport and 2 colored copies of your data page before you go. It is more expensive doing it over there.

Step 11

Proceed with the printed documents to the visa submission center and ensure you sign where necessary.

Step 12

You will receive a mail from the tlscontact center confirming that your application has been received and transferred. Kindly note that you have to keep checking your mail from time to time for updates on your UK visa application. Depending on the service you picked, the Uk visa application process has a different time frame.

Uk visa requirements in Nigeria

When you want to apply for UK visa in Nigeria, here are the Uk visa requirements for adults and minors listed below

A valid international passport and one color copy of its data page. At least 6 months old.

Copy of Nigerian residence permit (for non-Nigerian nationals residing in Nigeria).

Flight Reservation

Proof of accommodation

Coloured copy of all previous visas. If any.

Letter of introduction, bank statement is six months , Payslips is six months.

Marriage Certificate issued by marriage registry

Birth certificates of children under 18 as proof you have to come back.

Uk visa requirements for minors :

Kindly also Include :

Birth certificate

Letter from school .

Consent letter from both parents

Copy of parent’s passports.

Death certificate (If one parent is deceased) and Court order regarding a child’s custody (if parents are divorced).

How long does uk visa take

Standard Visa – 15 working days – Free

Priority Visa – 5 working days – £220

Super priority Visa – 24 hours – £956

Tlscontact Nigeria

Tlscontact Nigeria visa center is the Uk visa submission center that the UK government uses to process collation of applications for Nigerians. Kindly see fees charged by tlscontact when submitting your application. TLScontact is the Commercial Partner of UK Visas and Immigration, part of the UK government. Tlscontact services are located at Lagos and also they are located in Abuja. Tlscontact is in two places in Lagos. Kindly see their address below when you want to apply for UK visa in Nigeria,

TLScontact Victoria Island – Ivie house ,Ajose odegun street VI Lagos

TLScontact Victoria Island – Etiebets place 21-22 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Opebi, Ikeja

TLScontact Abuja – Muktar El Yakub Place, Third floor, Murkhtar beside Metro Plaza, on, Plot 1129 Zakaria Maimalari St, Abuja

Tlscontact added value services

Assisted Service – N11,700

Express Courier Return – N7000

Premium Lounge – N42,000

Flexi Appointment – N42,000

Keep My Passport – N28000

Prime Time Appointment – N37000

Application and Document Checks – N14,000

SMS Notification – N350

Photocopy – N50

That’s it guys on how to apply for uk visa in Nigeria. Now there are times that when visa applicants try to apply for UK visa in Nigeria, they tend to sometimes have little challenges and need someone to ask a few questions. You can contact us or drop a comment below and we will be willing to respond to your concerns for free. Just subscribe to our newsletter, it’s free. This will enable us to be able to address your concerns properly.

Also as for documentations, Uk standard visitor visa application doesn’t have a specific document requirement. It all depends on the visa applicants’ case, so we will have to look at the applicant case and then we will provide advice on how best to approach the situation. You can follow us on twitter and Facebook. Also for visa applications that have previously been refused, you can also contact us, we will also look at your case and also try to assist you, so as to enable you to make another application successfully. Just subscribe to our newsletter, it’s free. This will enable us be able to address your concerns properly. You can also Kindly see how to apply for us visa application .

You ccan also check our blog for how to apply to other schengen countries.

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