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leisure mall surulere

Exciting fun things to do in Leisure mall surulere

Fun things to do in Leisure Mall surulere

In Lagos, there are so many great fun places to visit in Lagos, lekki, Ikeja, surulere, festac and so many others. In surulere, there are so many great places and one of them is the Leisure mall. In this post, I will be given you all the fun things you can do in Leisure mall surulere. Surulere is a great place to visit in Lagos. You cant visit surulere in Lagos without going to the leisure mall.

Leisure mall surulere is located at adeniran ogunsanya street. The mall is an awesome and serene place in the heart of Lagos Nigeria. It has got a lot of nice stores, brands, joints, and great eateries. Some of which are film house surulere, Spar Nigeria, Shoprite, Cars45, Coldstone, Snooker spot, games, and so many other joints.

Leisure mall is a beautiful place to visit for a simple weekend hangout when I visited, it turned out to be a lovely experience. The view at night is lovely and I enjoy some of the Chinese fast food joints in there. Leisure mall surulere is popular and so when you enter the mall, you get to see so many young people taking a walk around.

Mobile Category

In Leisure Mall, sometimes I take my friends and we walk around, it’s a place that even if you don’t have money to spend, you can just take a stroll around from up floor to down floor, this is because the gate fee is actually free. So when you feel bored this is a nice place to hang out or do your window shopping and open your mind to creativity.

Another thing I notice about the Leisure mall surulere is that it has great parking space, even though it’s not too big, but the cars are well arranged. The compound is also spacious for you to take a stroll around while hanging out with your family.

Leisure Mall Hall Joint

I also noticed Leisure mall surulere has a great hall joint. How do I mean? In the leisure mall, there is a long hallway, which has so many joints you can relax with your friends. There are creams and cakes joint, Popcorn joint, Snacks joint, Cold stone for your chocolates, snooker games where you can play with your guys and little eatery spots all in that hallway as seen above.🙂

Leisure Mall Virtual 3D

Leisure Mall also has is also a Gadget Store, they sell very good quality gadgets and they are quite affordable. You also get to play the virtual 3D- Live game, where you wear glass, and everything you see becomes real. It’s fun and scary. It goes for about N1,000. This is great to experience, you get to see people shouting, jumping and throwing hands, all because of what they see through Virtual 3D Eyeglass 😀😂

Filmhouse surulere

Leisure mall surulere is also known as the Adeniran Ogunsanya mall in Surulere. It consists of 2 wings with cinema hall 1 to 3 at the Leisure mall side and cinema Hall 4 to 8 at the second wing. I also noticed that the Leisure mall consists of shops like fashion, bookshop, health care. Making it easy for you to get anything you want here as there are many shops catering to different needs. It has a cinema called the filmhouse cinema.

Filmhouse Surulere is great. I enjoyed the Service. It was prompt and professional, prices range from N1500-3000 per movie. It’s a very cool cinema that shows most of the blockbuster movies and films. They also sell popcorn, hotdogs, small chops, cakes, soft drinks, chocolates which you can buy and take with you into the cinema while you watch your movies. Kindly note that only food items sold in their counter can be taken into the cinema halls. Photography or recording within the main cinema is prohibited.

Filmhouse surulere don’t allow movie fans to bring in external food that’s not bought in their office. The quality of the movies at very clear as well as the audio quality. The cinemas are fully airconditioned, most times. If you get to the cinema before the movie starts, you your friends are allowed to freely hang out and take pictures while you are waiting. It has a nice environment to take pictures. 🙂🙂

For more info on filmhouse surulere movie price list kindly visit here.

Shoprite Nigeria

Shoprite Nigeria is a very big store that has most of the household items needed in any home in it. The Shoprite store has great prices. They also have hot freshly baked bread, intact this is one of the items that consumers buy more. Shoprite Nigeria bread is very sweet and films the belly very well even before finishing the bread.  most times. They also have so many collections of ice creams and snacks for consumption.

Shoprite Nigeria is a place to get most things, either eatable or home accessories anything else. It a cool place to even snap if you just want to do window shopping. This is a great place to shop in the area, lots of groceries and household items in it and there are fun-filled activities with also eateries to have nice meals and relax after a stressful day. You can also hang out with your family and friends and share great memories together.

Shoprite Nigeria has so many locations, Shoprite Abuja, Shoprite surulere, Shoprite Enugu, Shoprite Ibadan

Spar nigeria

You can also visit the spar store in the leisuremall surulere. This is located downstairs in the building. This is also like Shoprite Nigeria. In spar Nigeria, you can get all you want here, you can even get tempted as well to shop more and more. Spar Nigeria in surulere has a well-stocked section for different items, ranging from groceries to household items. There is also an ice cream section as well where you can select different ranges. Spar Nigeria in surulere has a great environment and it’s also a great and amazing place to snap pictures.

Spar Nigeria in the surulere mall also sells a lot of electrical items like phones, Tv sets, microwave oven, Theatre Speakers and so many more. Spar Nigeria has several locations in Nigeria, spar lekki, spar port Harcourt, spar lagos.

Leisure Mall KFC

Leisure Mall Kfc is one of the best eateries in the mall. It is located upstairs. It is also close to the games section. After going in to eat, relax, and enjoy memory time with your family, you can take your kids to the game section. The leisure mall game section is just in front of the KFC restaurant. In KFC, you get meals like snacks, drinks, chicken, and even combo deals. KFC chicken bucket goes from N4900.

The game section is an interesting place for kids. They get to place video games and arcade games while in the mall. 🕹🎮

Leisure Mall Fashion

If you are a fun lover of fashion, Leisure mall has so many fashion stores you can visit. You can visit the stores and get discounted clothes and fashion tips. Although some of these fashion stores are quite expensive they have a good clothing line. They also have great cream and makeup artiste sections for ladies  💅 that love to know what suits their skincare. You can take a walk to make inquiries.

Leisure Mall Down Hall Way

In this hallway section, you will get to see the media care health section, cards section, phone section, and washing section. Yes, you can visit the leisure mall surulere to wash your clothes. There is a Self dry cleaning section on the down floor. Also if you want to buy cards for your lover for valentine’s day, there is a section here too. And the media plus a section for drugs, creams and healthcare here too.


Cars45 is Nigeria’s largest car auction service provider. Cars45 assist with helping hundreds of customers to sell their cars. Leisure Mall is all in one, so for car lovers, you can visit this store for more inquiries. Cars45 sells Nigerian used cars and they also swap cars. Cars45 allows sellers and buyers of Nigerian used Cars to exchange value quickly, cheaply, and with unhindered access to independent relevant information required for decision making. Cars45 has inspection centers at strategic locations in Nigeria like cars45 Abuja, car45 Ikeja.
For more information on cars45 cars available, kindly visit here


This is a great place to have fun. It is also located inside the leisure mall surulere. It has lots of activities for sport and music lovers. They are also known for their wide variety of drinks. They have got a great menu like chicken, fish, and goat red hugz.

In conclusion, I will say Leisure mall surulere is one of the greatest and exciting to visit. Kindly see top tourist places to see in lagos. Kindly comment on other things you can do when you visited the leisure mall surulere in Nigeria.

Thanks and God bless.

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  1. That shoprite bread sounds like it is a hit item. If I even visit the mall I will for sure buy it. The mall in general sounds like having plenty of things to do. I guess you need a whole day to explore it all. Thank you for sharing.

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