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tourist attractions in nigeria


There are so many exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria and beautiful places to visit in Nigeria for vacation. Nigeria is a beautiful country and also as a tourist place you would like to know about. Kindly also see different ways on how to get visa on arrival in Nigeria. Naturally, the country is fun and respected all over Africa also known as the giant of Africa. Some people don’t even know that there are places to visit in Nigeria and have fun even with little budget.

Top Exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria

The Ikeja Mall

photo by ikejacitymall

First of all, you cant come to Nigeria without paying a visit to the beautiful city Lagos (Eko o ni baje). Lagos is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Nigeria, amongst other places to visit in Nigeria for vacation. The Ikeja mall is a nice place to spend your day with your family. It is a big mall. You even just walk around even if you don’t want to spend it. But if you want to buy things you can visit stores in the mall. There are so many outlets there it’s a big mall. There are so many fun places to visit in Lagos.

Marina Resort located in Calabar

photo by flickr

Apart from Lagos, when you talk about other places to visit in Nigeria, Calabar is great. This Marina resort is Located in Calabar River. The Marina Resort doubles as both a recreation center and a historical site. It has enough facilities and it is also a fun place for families to enjoy. It includes the slave history museum, speed boat rides, the carousel horse ride, film/movie theatre, night clubs, and cinema halls. However, if all you want is just to lie down, enjoy the gently blowing breeze as well as a panoramic view of the stunning Calabar River is the place to relax.

Obudu Cattle Ranch in Calabar

photo by flickr

Obudu Cattle Ranch Resort takes you on a lovely joyful ride when it comes to tour packages in Nigeria. For those that want to feel nature and hike through forests and mountains watching birds once again here is your place. It offers you a water park with a water slide and a swimming pool, a golf course, night-time bonfires, and horseback riding. The accommodations are well prepared and you will be kept entertained with enough nourishment.

Agodi Garden in Ibadan

photo by flickr

Ibadan is also among the list of top tourist attractions in Nigeria. Agodi Gardens is a tourist attraction in the city of Ibadan. It’s also known as Agodi Botanical Gardens, Agodi Gardens, Ibadan. Families and friends visit this garden and play around as it’s a nice place for a bonding session. Ibadan too is amongst the best places to visit in Nigeria.

Idanre Hills in Ondo State

photo by flickr

You cant visit Ondo state and decide not to visit the historic idanre Hills. The Historic Idanre Hills is a beautiful place and for sure a top spot for tourism whenever Ondo state crosses your mind. If you are an architect, give this a shot. Its pure nature with the great architectural design to behold. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Gembu Mambilla in Plateau

photo by flickr

This is a beautiful place amongst the cool places to visit in Nigeria that is not widely known. It is at Mambilla plateau, there are a couple of fun activities you can engage in which include, hiking, visit the caves of ndumyaji, large waters, and fun moving around.

Owu Waterfalls in kwara state

photo by flickr

Try watching Waterfalls for hours and you will renew your minds. One of the fantastic ways to relax and forget any pains. Nature speaking to you directly. It is an amazing sight to behold and it is one of the best natural pools in Africa. This waterfall is situated in Owu Isin Local Government of Kwara State. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Olumo Rock Complex in Ogun state

photo by flickr

If you love rocks, here is your place to visit. Here you get to see natural rocks that are a magnificent sight to behold. This is located in Abeokuta Ogun state. It is one of the wonderful places you should visit in Nigeria. It’s a fun place to visit. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Ikogosi Warm Spring in Ekiti state

photo by ekitistateng

This is located in the beautiful Ekiti state. It shows the unique scenery of warm and cold spring flowing side by side to a confluence from a rock, each maintaining its thermal properties. This is another great place to see how beautiful nature is .when you talk of nature this is one of the places to visit in Nigeria.

Abraka Turf and Country Club in Delta State

photo by hotels.ng

This is a nice place to visit. Its located in Delta state. It’s good for family bonding. You get to see the river flow with the rhythm. This is pure nature at it’s best. Delta is another cool place to visit in Nigeria. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi

photo by flickr

To thrill your kids with seeing baboons, hippos, elephants, and other great species of wildlife, here is a nice place to visit. It equips itself with both outdoor and indoor sports facilities and suitable accommodation. You get to see wildlife species. It is an adventurous place to be. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Assop water Falls in Plateau

photo by flickr

The Assop River supplies water in which the rapids and falls use and it feeds the natural vegetation of grasslands that extend into the gallery forests. It also provides an atmosphere for photographers to display their acts. Many photographers travel here for a photo shoot. It’s a very nice place to visit. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Okomu National Park

photo by skyscrapercity.com

This is good for a family picnic. This is where you can locate a rainforest. You get to see so many birds flocking around. You also get to see different animal species. It’s a park you can walk around and also have fun. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Rojenny Tourist in Anambra

photo by hotels.ng

This is a nice village to relax and enjoy yourself. If you are a type that loves high life, this is a place to have fun. its got a park, recreational facilities and much more.

Tinapa Resort in Calabar

photo by pinterest

Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort is located at Calabar. Its got great arcade games, an eight-screen cinema, a mini amphitheatre, restaurants, and pubs. It is a great place for a family vacation. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Benin City National Museum in Benin

photo by flickr

Here teaches history, artifacts related to the Benin Empire like terracotta, bronze figures, and cast iron pieces. It is a nice place to visit on family vacation as the kids will learn a lot about the famous Benin Empire.

Jos Wildlife Park in Jos

photo by flickr

Jos Wildlife Park is a wildlife park. Jos Wildlife Park has got several wildlife animals like hippos, buffalos, lions, pigmy horses, birds, crocodiles, pythons, and much more. Children’s playground, picnic pine forest, wildlife museum, video viewing center and restaurants are some of the attractions of the Park.

Oguta Fresh Water Lake in Imo

photo by pinterest

This beautiful Lake is located in IMO state. This resort includes the Golf course of international standard, mini children recreational park, cruise boat services. The lake offers good sightseeing. If you visit IMO state, this is a nice place to enjoy your vacation.

National War Museum in Abia state

photo by pinterest

This is a big museum. Its located in umuahia.This museum gives knowledge of Nigerian history, it has three Major galleries: the traditional warfare gallery, the Armed Forces gallery, and also the civil war gallery. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Wonderland Amusement Park in Fct Abuja

photo by pinterest

Wonderland Amusement Park & Resort is a world-class recreation center. It is located in Abuja. It can be found just opposite the National Stadium Abuja. It offers games and rides for various age categories, a leisure garden for relaxing, several restaurants, and shops.

Afi Mountain Sanctuary in Rivers State

photo by flickr

This is located in Cross River State. It’s a center where you can find chimpanzees, gorillas, drill monkeys, and many other endangered primates. It offers wildlife experience. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Zuma Rock in Niger

photo by flickr

Niger state is also another beautiful place to visit. The Zuma Rock is located in Madalla, Niger State to the north of Abuja. it is impossible for you to visit Abuja and not to see this magnificent structure, as it has always been a center of attraction. Although it is located in Niger State, it has over time become a major symbol of Abuja’s landscape, due to its close proximity to Abuja City. When you get to this rock, you can go mountain climbing and hiking. This also enters the list of exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Erin Ijesha waterfalls in Ogun State

photo by flickr

This is a sightseeing seeing experience you will look to witness. The waterfalls here has seven layers of ascending plains. Erin Ijesha waterfalls is also known as Olumirin waterfalls .its located in Osun State.

The PHC Beach in Portharcourt

photo by flickr

Port Harcourt is a lovely place in Nigeria. It’s good for vacations and picnics. The Beach is a scenic stretch of sandy landscape side by side with a beautiful water body. You get to enjoy live performances, entertainment, and fun.

That is it on nice exciting tourist attractions in Nigeria. Have you ever gone for a family vacation in a destination in any other state in Nigeria? Kindly share comment below. Sharing is caring.

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