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Most beautiful English countryside destinations

Most Beautiful English Countryside Destinations to Visit for Vacation

Most Beautiful English Countryside Destinations to Visit for Vacation

This post is a travel guide list on the most beautiful English countryside destinations, the best villages in uk, to visit for a vacation in the united kingdom. The United Kingdom is a very beautiful place for you and your family to visit for a vacation. The united kingdom has great schools like oxford university, Cambridge University, and so on. And when you want to talk of history, the united kingdom is a very nice place to tour.

Why english countryside ?

A countryside is a rural area filled with natural landscape.

One of the reasons to love the countryside is because it is filled with nature. When you just want to have a nice peace of mind or to do away with anything that has been bothering you and enjoy little natural feeling for some time, kindly visit the countryside. The countryside is a very peaceful environment to visit, it brings out a lot in you, in fact, its kind of called or known as “reset mode”. It is good when you want to think. It brings out creativity hidden inside you that you never ever thought you had, by giving you great different kinds of ideas that you can actually think broadly about and make use of in your precious daily life.

So when you are talking about countries with beautiful countryside to enjoy your vacation with your family, there are so many of them and the united kingdom is one of them. It is not all about just visiting the united kingdom, when you want to visit the united kingdom, try and visit the countryside also known as the English countryside, you would have visited the heart of the united kingdom because the united kingdom is a country that believes in history and nature. Now, where are these places worth talking about? You will get to see a travel guide information on the most beautiful English countryside destinations you can visit with your family for a vacation in the united kingdom as you read on.


Here is the list of the most beautiful English countryside destinations to visit in the united kingdom for a family vacation


photo by liam charmer

Hampshire is a nice place to visit in the Uk. It is among the most beautiful English countryside destinations you will enjoy staying in. This is different from New Hampshire in the united states. When you talk about having a creative mindset, here is the place for many visits.


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Cotswolds is also another beautiful place to visit. If you love to see and feel the beauty of nature. It also has a wildlife park to visit, towns and markets too. It is a peaceful place to just take a walk along with your family during your stay there.


Photo by booking.com

This is known as Kenmore Perthshire. If you love fishing and you are a lover of sailing, then here is one of the most beautiful English countryside destinations to visit in the Uk for vacation. Most of the homes here are all looking like whitewashed homes. It is an adventurous place to visit.

Bronte Country

wikimedia commons

This is a beautiful place for book lovers. Fans of Emily Brontes come here to see where some of her novels were set. There are also some activities like Rail Story, Haworth, Bronte Parsonage Museum, Bronte Waterfall, Cliffe Castle Museum, East Riddlesden Hall, Central Park, and so on.

South Cambridgeshire

The south facing facade of the Anglican cathedral in Ely seen contrasting against the blue summer skies of Cambridgeshire. Getty images

Nature and adventure are well described here. Things here are natural and adventurous like you would see some of the rarest birds in England. You also get to also see the hovering of dragonflies.


Photo by jon butterworth

This place has a population of over a million. This is one of the largest counties in England. Its got great castles, festivals, halls, a modern tech world, Chinese tradition and so many.


photo by pixabay

This place has great landscapes that also can also take great pictures and do fun things like riding your bicycle along, taking a walk, and also a place to relax your mind.


Photo by pixabay

Cheshire is a rural place, if you want to see beautiful gardens, here is a place to visit. There are also fun places you can visit, they have got zoos and great parks.



Just like the Bronte country is for Emily county fans, Dorset which is a beautiful countryside talk of Thomas Hardy’s escapades. Its a place with ancient monuments and natural beauty and this makes it fall in the list of one of the most beautiful English countryside destinations

Hadrian’s Wall Country


Hadrian’s wall country has a great museum, here you also get to see a long wall and great ancient artifacts and great roman castles. This is a great historic place if you are a fan of history and engineering.


Benjamin elliot

Cornwall is a great place to visit when you are looking for the countryside with a beautiful seaside view. Here is a good place. Also, they have great nice sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes. A good place for watersports activities. This is one nice place to relax and renew your mind.

East Yorkshire

martin sepion

East Yorkshire is a beautiful county in the North of England with beautiful destinations like Bridlington, Flamborough, Beverley, and also great streams and beautiful market towns.

Yorkshire Dales

fat lad at the back

Yorkshire Dales boast itself around its great castles, beautiful and peaceful atmosphere, great National Park, pretty villages, and small towns. It is a fun place to carry out fun activities like sightseeing, cycling or just even taking a walk which makes it amongst the most beautiful English countryside destinations.



This place is famously known for its county town of Oxford. It has lots of glorious buildings. And these glorious buildings attract lots of tourists to this county. It is also a place full of history and architectural beauty. It is a nice place to take great and beautiful pictures.

Lake District


Lake District is a very popular vacation spot and known for its national park. Its also known as the Lakes or Lakeland. It has great natural beautiful Landscapes.

So that is it for the most beautiful English countryside to visit for a vacation in the united kingdom. If you have ever visited any of these most beautiful English countryside places listed above, kindly give us more information on things you enjoyed doing. Also kindly share this post on any of your favorite social media platform by using the share buttons on this post. Thank you.

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  1. I have had a love affair with the glorious green and rustic nature of old English estates and villages since I started reading Agatha Christie so many years ago. Dorset, Cotswold, and Perthshire are all places I want to visit!

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