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most beautiful places to visit in texas

15 most beautiful places to visit in texas for vacation

The most beautiful places to visit in texas

Texas is a beautiful state and so we would take a look at the most beautiful places to visit in texas and also tips on free things to do alpine tx. Texas is the second-largest u.s state by area and population. Texas is known for the country’s biggest producer of not just oil but cattle, sheep, wool, and also cotton. We will also be looking at best places to visit in Houston, free things to do in Fort Worth, and all across major cities in Texas.

Texas is famous for having 3 of the most populous cities in America, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Texas is not expensive to live in and some of its beautiful towns are Jefferson, Fredericksburg, port Isabel, Marfa, hunt, Wimberley.

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Major cities in texas

Texas has so many beautiful cities like Houston San Antonio, Dallas, Fort worth, el Paso, Arlington, Austin, Corpus Christi. If you are a fan of the countryside and you just want a place to can go on vacation to think, to really have a feel of nature, hear the birds humming, you can check it out these lovely places you shouldn’t miss out on.

Now amongst these texas cities, there are great places to visit in Texas and we are going to play them out here for you

The Big Bend National Park

If you want to see lovely birds of different species, this is a place to visit in Texas. It is located at u.s – Mexico border. It’s beautiful to see the mountains and the river flowing along the border. most beautiful places to visit in Houston. This place is actually close alpine tx.

San Antonio River Walk

You want to take a walk with that romantic person or you want to dine with that special one, this is one of the nicest places to visit in texas to do that. It has a long river line with lovely outdoor restaurants and also a nice pedestrian wall way. You can take a sightseeing trip, have dinner beside the river and looking at its flows. It’s just a romantic setting especially at night, the night view is great.


When you are talking of NASA space center, barbecue destinations, museums, city’s restaurants, and shops, world-class Houston Zoo, verdant Buffalo Bayou Park, and amongst others then take a trip to Houston. Houston is also an affordable vacation spot for families. These are some of the best places to visit in Houston.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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This is another nice national park in texas. It is located at the southern texas-new Mexico border. This is a great spot for bikers. It also has a great landscape view and nice to take pictures. It is also known for its abundance of wildlife example golden eagles. It’s a nice place too and it makes the list of interesting places to visit in Texas.

Visit Waco

Waco is a nice city in texas filled with natural history. You can visit the Cameron Park Zoo known as home to lions, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, Museums like Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco Mammoth National Monument, and great places to shop.

South Padre Island

This island is famous for the spring breakers. It’s also got great ocean shorelines, and relaxing beaches. Families also come here for vacation. You can also visit the Sea Turtle, Inc. to learn about the turtle.

Visit Austin

We cant talk about places to visit in texas without Including Austin. The capital city of Texas in Austin. History and culture, cuisine, outdoor areas like Zilker Metropolitan Park, museums and plenty of delectable barbecues, visiting the Sixth Street, the music hub, the bars, restaurants, live music venues, and so many others, in fact, Austin is a whole package.


If you are a beach lover and just want to spend some time beside the sea or even on the sand, if you want to get into some fun in the night club, if you want to enjoy natural history, great shops, and restaurants too, then visit Galveston.

The Woodlands

This also makes the list of beautiful places to visit in Texas. There are shopping centers, outdoor concert venue, nice pools,  Children’s Museum. Plus, the city boasts 220 miles of hiking and bike trails spread throughout 147 parks. On a hot day, visit the Riva Row Boat House to rent a kayak or paddleboard so you can comfortably explore The Woodlands is a great place to visit with kids.

Mustang Island

This is famously known for its beaches. So beach lovers here is another spot for you. This was named so due to horses that rode there. You can also visit the small town of Port Aransas if you love to sunbathe. ample opportunities for fun in the sun or sign up for a dolphin cruise. This place is filled with festivals, art, music, food, and so on.

Visit Corpus Christi

You get to see the corpus Christi museum of science and history. You also get to see USS Lexington docked in Corpus Christi, vintage aircraft, bridges, and crew quarters. Also play simulators games and virtual pilot 3D games, making feel you are a pilot. There are also some free things to do in Corpus Christi like relax by the beachside, talk a walk around the farmer market, visit Selena memorial, visit blucher park for fun and if you are around on first Friday of the month, you could join the free event filled with music and food.

Jacob well

This is a mysterious place to see. This is a spot for divers. Jacob well is located northwest of Wimberley texas. This is a deep hole in the water. Some enjoy coming here to dive.

Visit Fort worth

Fort Worth is a city located in north-central texas and there are actually free things to do in forth worth like you to get to see the water gardens that have been designed. If you are a fan of architectural acts, then here is a spot for you. You can also see the Stockyards Visitor Center and the Stockyards Museum. This place is filled with history. You can also blast a mountain bike if you want to cool of. You can also visit the lake or also visit the arcadia’s game arcade

Visit Fredericksburg

If you want to go on excursions or shopping spree, you can visit Fredericksburg. Though it’s not a big town one can still put it on the list of interesting places to visit in Texas. It’s also a place with museums and arts.

Visit Alpine tx

Despite that alpine is a small town. I do like to still add the list of places to visit in Texas. This place is filled with history and arts. There are so many free things to do in alpine tx like you can visit the museum of the big bend, still ware store ( Hallie hall of fame), catchlight art gallery, a blue creek trail, the poker not field. These are the best places you must visit in alpine tx

In conclusion, we will be glad to hear from you on the list, as we tried to capture the most beautiful places to visit in texas, free things to do in alpine tx and across the city. Is there any other place you have been to that you would like to make the list kindly share we appreciate. And if there’s any other country you want us to write on, you can drop a comment too, we will be glad to bring this information to you.

Have a blessed day.

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