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Top fun places in lagos

Lagos is a fun city in Nigeria and there are so many things to do in Lagos and have great fun. I will be talking about hangout spots in Lagos and fun places in Lagos that you can visit and have fun. In fact, if you visit Nigeria without visiting Lagos then you have not tasted life in Nigeria. Lagos is known as the formal capital of Nigeria. Lagos also is flying towards being a megacity and most potential economy in Africa.

There are fun places you can visit in Lagos with your family.

Fun Places in Lagos


Photo by sunnewsonline

Ambode once called badagry the next Dubai because of the valuables it has to contribute to tourism. Badagry is a town in Lagos. This is where Ascon is located. Badagry is a small town located between Lagos and the Seme border and is now renowned for its slave trade museum. Many Nigerian schools bring their students to the Badagry museum mainly to learn about the slavery era.

You will get to see the first high rise building in Nigeria. You can also visit the badagry beach. it is a very great place to visit and lovely and peaceful people around. In fact, Lagosians are moving over there in recent times to build houses and structures over there. And with the construction of the new Lagos railway to badagry, it will boom tourism even more. This is one of the fun places in Lagos.

Leisure Mall

leisure mall surulere
leisure mall surulere

This is also another big mall to visit in Lagos. This is located at surulere. In the mall, there are so many eateries like KFC. There are also other stores here for shopping like Shoprite. You can also visit the cinemas like the fimhouse surulere cinema located in the mall. its a shopping mall that you and your family can just walk around and do window shopping even if you don’t want to buy anything. This is where you can find leisure mall cinema. This mall has so many fun places in it. This is a top hangout spot in Lagos too. Kindy see fantastic stuff you can do in surulere mall

Satellite Town Lagos

Ibeshe beach
Ibeshe beach photos by hotels.ng

Satellite town is another fun place to visit in Lagos .it is located opposite the festac town. In satelite town, you get to visit different restaurants and beaches. Statelite town is close to the ocean so it houses so many beaches example ibeshe beach. This enters the list of fun places in Lagos

Ikeja City Mall

Photo by ikejacitymall.com.ng

The Ikeja city mall is also another fun place to visit in Lagos and to spend your day with your family. Ikeja is the capital of Lagos. Ikeja city mall is a big mall. You can even just walk around even if you don’t want to spend. But if you want to buy things you can visit stores in the mall. There are so many outlets there it’s a big mall. There are shopping stores like Ikeja city mall cinema, Shoprite, etc. There are so many places to have fun in the mall. This is one of the fun places in Ikeja.

National Theatre Lagos

photo by flickr

The national theatre Lagos was Constructed in 1976. The national theatre is a cultural center for performing arts. Most times dramas are acted here before they are televised. The building has a bar, a restaurant, and 2 grand cinema halls. The great cultural performances coupled with the theater’s architectural grandeur have pulled the attention of people from various walks of life. People come here to have fun.

Lekki city

Lekki - emmydaz
Photo by guardian.ng

Lekki is another fun place in Lagos. In lekki, you will find lekki supermarket, Nike art gallery, so fresh lekki,lekki beach,lekki Shoprite and so many others. In lekki Leisure Lake, children get active and engage themselves by jumping on the Quad bikes. There is Jet Ski with a guide. This place is equally enjoyable for adults. You and your family can enjoy the food at the lakeside. Lekki Leisure Lake is a great place to visit and also Palms Shopping Mall, this mall is packed with family-preferred entertainment and several exciting activities, cinema, shopping stores, and restaurants.


photo by festival mall

When you visit festac town, the festac mall is also among the top fun places in Lagos. It hosts fun entertainment shops and great restaurants. It even has Shoprite and silver bird cinemas. Its a place where couples can walk around while enjoying their vacation. Golden tulip festac hotel is located in the same compound.

Tarkwa Bay

photo by hotels.ng

Tarkwa bay is another famous location in Lagos. It offers safe swimming conditions and other recreational water sports. This is a great place to visit in Lagos.

Lekki Conservation Centre

photo by guardian.ng

Lekki conservation center is another famous place to visit in Lagos. it is a reserve for wildlife in Lagos. The natural habitats of this center have been preserved for nature lovers.

Eleko Beach

Photo by flickr.com

Bogobiri house

This is a beautiful public beach. They also have nice beach huts and food joints along the seashore. Eleko beach is loved for its beautiful landscape and sand. kindly see top beautiful beaches in Lagos

Photo by booking.com

Bogobiri’s house is located at Ikoyi. It is one of the many spots to visit in Lagos that come alive mainly at night. For good music, jazz, Highlife, AfroBeat, here is for you.

Freedom Park

photo by guardian.ng

Freedom Park Lagos is where people organize shows and concerts.it contains the history and cultural heritage of Nigerians .it mostly a great place to visit at night. It’s definitely one of the spots to visit in Lagos.This makes the list of fun places in Lagos.

Funtopia Park

photos by hotels.ng

Funtopia Water Park Lagos is a water park good for family bonding.it have activities like swimming, games, bouncy castles, etc

Lekki Ikoyi link bridge

Photo by flickr

For those that love jogging,lekki ikoyi link bridge is your spot. Couples that just want to walk and gist can visit this place to visit in Lagos. And it’s also a nice place to pause and look at the ocean. Also, take pictures.

New Afrika shrine

photo by flickr

When you hear the Felabration music festival, an event held yearly in honor of the musical legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Afrika shrine is the location. you get to see great photos of late fella.

National museum

photos by flickr

The national museum Lagos habits the history of Nigeria. You get to be taken around with a full explanation of each artifact and photos. You also get to see the vehicle of late Murtala Mohammed and how he was murdered. This makes the list of fun places in Lagos.

Silverbird Galleria

photo by flickr

For cinemas with your family, here is a good place to visit. You also get to enjoy the restaurants .silverbird cinema can be found in festac, Ikeja, VI. This also makes the list of fun places in Lagos.

Kalakuta museum

photos by hotels.ng

Fela and his family lived here. Although the house was attacked by the military, it has been turned to a museum. Just like in South Africa, they have that of Nelson Mandela, here in Nigeria, its house of fela.

Ikoyi club

Photo by thisdayliveng

For golf lovers, tennis lovers, fun and entertainment lovers, this place is your place. so many celebrities come here to relax which make this amongst the fun places in Lagos.

Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos


Tafewa balewa square is used to host big events like EXPERIENCE every year and even political rallies. It’s a very big square indeed and a nice place to enjoy yourself if you want less noise.

Maryland Mall

photo by marylandmall

This is a very big mall too. Inside you get to walk around and also shop. it also hosts the genesis cinema in it. its a very nice place to snap pictures too.

Kindly drop your comment on other nice fun places in Lagos to visit that you have also been to not listed here. We are working on a post on places you can have fun with zero naira.

Remember to share. Thank God bless Nigeria.

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  1. Lagos is really a big state in Nigeria, have some of these but will definitely visit the rest when I have the chance. Thank you for sharing this awesome places in Lagos, much appreciated because I dont know most of the places exist. Thank you so much.

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