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Resorts in lagos

Top Resorts in Lagos and beaches in Lagos

There are really so many top resorts in Lagos and also beautiful beaches in Lagos. They are all both private and public. Sometimes you just want a place to cool off and just see the wave of the sea. You might also just want to take a walk by the beach or resort and just let off anything that seems to be bothering you. Well, I suggest to you that the beach in lagos is a good place to ease tension. Aside from visiting a beach in Lagos, there are so many other fun things to do in lagos.

It’s a place for nature at it’s best. So I will be given you a list of beaches in Lagos gate fees and their location so that you can visit. Kindly note that during weekdays these Lagos beach fees go lower and during festive periods, it goes higher like twice the amount.

List of beach in Lagos and gate fees

Elegushi Beach in lagos and Gate fee
  • Elegushi beach in Lagos is situated around the Ikate area of Lekki. Elegushi Beach Gate fee is N1,000. It is a lovely place to see the view of the ocean on a lovely weekend. It is a fantastic place for a getaway and beach experience.
  • Eleko beach in Lagos Road is located at Lekki-Epe Expressway. Eleko Beach Road Gate fee N500. This beach in Lagos is a good place for picnic and outings and beach sports, good hotels are also available with horse and donkey rides.
  • Oniru beach in Lagos is a private beach located in Victoria Island. Oniru beach Gate fee N1,000. This is a beautiful beach in lagos, it is also a paid beach and it is safe.
  • Tarkwa Bay beach in lagos located towards Victoria Island. N1000 Gate fee. Tarkwa Bay is on its own is a very amazing place to have fun and relax. The waters are calm, you can swim all day if you wish to. But for you to fully enjoy this beach in lagos, you will have to pay for most of the things you will have to use like a chair, tent, etc.
  • Alpha beach in lagos lekki gate fee is N1500. This beach is cool, serene, peaceful, especially if you ever feel like meditating, this is another great beach in lagos to visit. Alpha Beach’s got exactly what you need. It’s a nice place lagos and take great pictures.
  • Lekki Leisure Lake gate fee is N1500. Lekki Leisure lake is located in lekki. It is a very lovely place to be visit and watch the ocean. The environment is so serene. You also get to play games like volley ball, horse ride, snap pictures and so on. The food there is also classy and very affordable.
  • Moist beach in lagos gate fee is N1000. The beach is always fun in Lagos and Moist beach turned out to be amazing at night and the atmosphere is worth it. You get to enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean and nice music. They have Lovely food, a well serene environment and you can take a walk on the beach because it is a very romantic spot too.
  • Landmark beach gate fee is N2000. Landmark beach is one of the best beaches in lagos. In landmark beach, you can go for a quiet stroll on the beach, meet up with friends, and relax in the cool breeze but you can only bring in one drink into the location except you pay for the massive picnic package. All other refreshments must be bought on-site and there’s a good variety. Landmark beach is extremely Neat and the Water is so calm with serene environment plus it is a highly secured environment.
  • Suntan beach gate fee is N1000 and it is located in badagry. This is a popular beach in badagry. It has so many coconut trees. This is a nice place tor vacation with family. It’s a lovely place for nature lovers. And its It’s a very cool and a nice relaxing spot

List of Resorts in Lagos

  • Ilashe Beach Resorts in lagos. The ilashe beach gate fee is N1000. It is a peaceful, relaxing, nature, beach with a pool. There are many other things you can do here especially when you are going as a group. This makes the list of top resorts in lagos.
  • Whispering Palms resort is located at badagry. N1000 is the Whispering Palms Gate fee. The Whispering Palms Resort is one of the oldest beaches in Lagos. It has great relaxing spots for vacation. People come here for picnics and family and friends bonding. You can also visit the Whispering Palms mini zoo, museum, restaurant, hotel, basketball court, football pitch, lawn tennis, volleyball, mini-golf course, and pedal boats amongst many others.
  • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is located just after the Lekki Free Trade Zone area of Lagos State – La Campagne Entrance fee to the resort is N5,000 per adult, N3,000 per teenager and N1,500 per kid. This also makes the list of top resorts in lagos.
  • Atican Beach Resorts in lagos is located at Ajah. Atican beach resorts are the N1000 Gate fee. It has nice white beach sand, a beautiful and serene environment. It is also another great spot to snap pictures when talking about beaches in lagos.
  • Baracuda Beach Resort in lagos. The barracuda beach resort gate fee goes is 1500. There are so many fun things to do here. Barracuda beach resort is a nice place to relax. It is also a nice spot for family bonding.
  • Kamp Ikare Beach Resort -Kamp ikare beach gate fee is N1000. This also makes the list as one of the best beaches in lagos if you want to relax while enjoying coll breeze. It is a fantastic place to be with friends. Try it.
  • Inagbe Resort is one of the finest and most popular beach resorts in Lagos. The resort is located on Inagbe Island, you get a better feel of the Atlantic Ocean. Inagbe resort gate fee goes from N5,000. There are great activities to keep u occupied if you love indoor and outdoor sports, the rooms are decent, quite secure and good food. For nature lovers, here is a place to be.
  • La Manga Beach Resort is luxury at its best. It a classy beach Resort located at ilashe. This is a great place to stay for vacation, enjoy the beach, and have fun at the restaurant. Give it a try because this makes this list of top resorts in lagos.

Do you have knowledge of other top beaches in Lagos or top resorts in Lagos not listed here that you have visited? Kindly share in the comment below along with the fees. Sharing is caring. Thanks.

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